Founded in 2013 by Mr. Seinera Yann, La Ferronnerie des Granges is now a family business that manufactures and installs metal works by combining wood, glass, and stone. We are located in Izeaux, in the department 38, and have a team of 18 skilled individuals, including a 2-person design office and 2 administrative collaborators. We also have 6 craftsmen in the workshop for the production of our pieces and 4 craftsmen equipped with trucks for installation. Finally, 3 independent collaborators work with us to strengthen our capacity to meet the demands of our customers.

We are proud of our expertise and work in accordance with tradition to offer quality, long-lasting, artisanal creations. Our new premises, which will be built in 2023, will allow us to work under the best conditions. We are committed to our customers and make every effort to meet their needs by offering custom-made services.

A clientele and creations that diversify

On 2015, the “Ferronnerie Des Granges” has started a collaboration with Volcom®, the famous brand of clothes and accessories designed to surf, skateboard and snowboard activities. As well as to making their furniture, the “Ferronnerie des Granges” also manufactures many ornamental metal products such as metallic trees, which equips Volcom® stores all over Europe.

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